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John Mashaka
You cannot talk about economic progress without talking about education. Neither can you talk about employment without talking about the youth; the youth derive their skills to be employed or self employment from the very solid foundations of education, not the derelict educational system. 

After in-depth analysis of Mr. Kigwangwala and Nchemba's bills presented before the parliament, I must admit that THERE IS A PROBLEM; A Serious problem in our educational system, and in our thinking. We need seriousness and serious public debate to see Tanzania move into a right direction instead of its current path. Youth unemployment is a serious issue and so is our education.

Education is the unrivaled propellant of human progress and development. Economic and social development in the modern knowledge-based world is inconceivable in a country that neglects the education of its people, especially the youth. With that in mind, I must combine both bills (Education and unemployment) presented by Mr. Hamisi Kigwangwala and Mr. Mwigulu Nchemba as one, in challenging the duo. Meaning in this context of economics, education and unemployment are inseparable and thus needs innovative minds.

I am without reservation challenging the two a public debate to navigate the way forward. I found so many loopholes in their respective bills presented before the parliament, and would rather have candid one-on-one public debate instead of prolonged written responses. I am ready for any form of debate anywhere and anytime. We can organize with BBC or any other neutral body to moderate our ECONOMICS and Educational Debate.

I remain optimistic for their swift responses within a week. Else will be forced to dissect each bill individually Thanks,
John Mashaka

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