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Hon: Kingwangala,
I am cordially writing to thank you for your prompt and candid response in regards to my invite for a serious debate. First and foremost, allow me to set the record straight relative to your assertion that “one John Mashaka anatamani kuwa na mdahalo na mimi” This is not the case. I am not interested in debating you about anything, because that would be defeating the purpose. I want to debate you on matters of great importance to our nation. Our discussion MUST center on Education, Youth Unemployment and their impact on our economic progress!

You raised a serious and urgent issue that concerns all of us. As you may know, Youth Unemployment is a global social, political and economic nightmare governments are grappling to contain. Tanzania is particularly facing enormous challenges related to the point at issue. Youth unemployment is our ticking time bomb. As a new generation of problem solvers, we have both the civic and moral obligations to contribute in any capacities possible through our various expertise, and ingenuity in an effort to contain the problem

As we await Mr. Mwigulu Nchemba’s response, let’s hammer the way forward by expediting this historic debate. As you indicated in your response, the debate must be conducted in a “civil manner” and the sooner we coordinate the discussion the better. I am also suggesting that, the debate be moderated by a reputable and neutral entity in a town hall style of discussion which will give the public an opportunity to engage us as well. In the meantime, my lines of communications remain open for further discussion on the modalities mashaka.john@yahoo.com

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